Faith Eliott

by Faith Eliott

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Self-titled EP recorded in one sitting at The Happiness Hotel in Leith. These recordings are meant to serve as a bridge between having a mash-up of demos on soundcloud and a "proper" EP. And also to archive some old songs that have been slowly sneaking out of my setlists.


released June 27, 2016

All songs by Faith Eliott
Recorded & mixed by Alan McCormack



all rights reserved


Faith Eliott Edinburgh, UK

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Track Name: Galapagos
So here we are now caught in a hot prism beam
in a garden spluttered up by the sea
In this air no ashes are scattered
there will be not hot shriek of death or sharp clatter of laughter
just saint trees and flowers of the southern cross
that grow in the footprints of god.

So here we are, here we are.
Navigating a paragon
Where Spanish sailors stole turtle fat
to light up their oil burning lamps
and each creature would shudder
and spit up salt water
as the weight of an anchor cut through
the immaculate blue.

And my heart is a fish out of water
He’s used to Mexican hog fish and puffers
and sees no reason to settle for some common brown trout
that has drifted too far south.

Here his father shot goats on black deserts of glass
and their bones became relics of balance.
Through the phosphorescence I drag my drunk hands
and think of how I have learned to be silent.

As I sit and share sleep with the giants
they dream of roads built by impatient pirates
who never took the time to share sour fruit
or listen to their breath like small hurricanes taking root.

And my heart is a fish out of water
he shows me zebra eels, urchins and noduled sea cucumbers
and his mother holds masses for the wild iguanas
they sing road you are a tyrant,
road you are a tyrant

and I am just another fool who has followed it
with my rubber soled shoes and my camera lens
I am just another fool who has followed it.
Track Name: Fledgling Bones
I returned home to pluck the eyes from the watchmen
who for so long stood guard over me.
But now just muslin and orange rind clinging together
like old mouths all stuck with sleep.

Once bottles hunched like vultures around our beds in the evenings
hoping for a glimpse of soft, ruined thighs
but they have all flown now my darling, my sweet one,
oh my sister, my sister, mine.

And since you moved away
your room has become a wild terrain
where the cats are lonely scab-eared kings that reign
over the loomy dolls and spiders eggs.

Phoebe, there are still giants that nest in the halls.
Their treacherous flesh swelling cracks in the walls.
They thumb through our old journals and pace the dark lanes
that stretch out their heavy green arms.

And there were some things here that I meant to do
like bear my teeth to the winter that had hold of you,
but the roads rose in coils and my impatience grew.
I scraped the cold mud from my shoes.

But today we rode the train down the coast
and we were twin asteroids formed from that red sandstone
and we hurtled joyful into all that unknown
with our love and our fledgeling bones.
Track Name: Heartbreak
What do I name you, little sadness of mine
would something as simple as 'heartbreak' suffice.
cause it would be such a relief if for once things were exactly as they seemed,
and I've been told that heartbreak is an ordinary thing.

and what should I tell you, good friend, so kind.
if I said that I was lonely would you pay it any mind.
have I cried wolf one too many times
tell me is heartbreak a wolf or just an old family dog in disguise

Oh city where I'm living, you've known me a good while
and you've seen me defeated, and you've seen me survive
do your heavy stones ache each time another sorry soul boards a plane.
would you be heartbroken if at last I did the same.

When I'm alone in my house at the end of the day
and my laptop is coughing up blood on my desk again
as I batter in it's keyboard with convoluted metaphors
it begs me to stop breaking it's digital heart.

But I am outnumbered by my own memories
So I am making a deal with all of my things
if they call off the hounds of past complexities
we can agree to call it heartbreak and I'll set them free.